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Item # Regular Sale Title/Item Name
$25.00 $10.00 THE TEACHER UNIONS (hc) by Myron Lieberman
A startling look at the causes of today's failed educational system.
$11.95 $5.00 T-Shirt (c)
Red trim at neck & sleeves, Blue silkscreen picture of statue on front. Specify size Small or Medium
$34.95 $15.00 TWO LUCKY PEOPLE (hc) by Milton and Rose Friedman
The lives of the famed Nobel Prize-winning economist and his wife and collaborator. 656 pp.
$30.00 $15.00 The CIA & American Democracy (hc) by Rhodri Jeffrey Jones
Are the two at odds? "Lucid and exciting."-Daniel Schorr
$19.95 $10.00 A NEW DEAL FOR SOCIAL SECURITY (hc) by Peter J. Ferrara & Michael Tanner
How to improve social security through privatization. 262 pages
$16.95 $10.00 LIBERTY AND POWER 1600-1760 (hc) by Oscar and Lilian Handlin
The aspirations of North America's settlers thwarted efforts to transplant the Old World's caste system of violence and power. 280 pp.
$14.95 $5.00 RECAPTURING THE SPIRIT OF ENTERPRISE (sc) by George Gilder
"This updated version of Gilder's earlier book, The Spirit of Enterprise, remains an apologia for maintaining an economic system that encourages unrestricted entrepreneurship. Gilder still includes a sprinkling of profiles honoring members of his entrepreneurial hall of fame, such as J.R. Simplot, but adds several chapters that pay tribute to the Reagan economic policies of the 1980s and defend the ventures of financial traders such as Michale Milken. Sure to stir debate is Gilder's testament to super-rich company founders, like Microsoft's Bill Gates, who, if anything, is undercompensated for what he contributes to the economy. Always the eloquent wordsmith, Gilder bashes intellectuals (who pontificate but can't "do") and professional managers (i.e., MBAs) who merely attempt to preserve what others have created." -- Library Journal
An eloquent, classic treatise on voluntarism, propounding that the use of force of any kind, even by governments, is morally indefensible.
Why centralized government leads to tyranny
$14.95 $5.00 THE FLAT TAX (sc) by Robert Hall & Alvin Rabushka
Lays out the case for the tax simplification plan. 152 pp.
$17.00 $5.00 THE H-P WAY (hc) by David Packard
The exciting story of Bill Hewlett and David Packard, from co-freshmen at Stanford, through founding H-P in a garage in Palo Alto, to growing a company of over 98,000 employees by doing things their way.