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Ain't Nobody's Business if You Do

692 pages, softcover


AIN'T NOBODY'S BUSINESS IF YOU DO: The Absurdity Of Consensual Crimes In Our Free Country

by Peter McWilliams

Drugs, prostitution, gambling, homosexual acts, and pornography offend the moral sensibilities of millions of Americans---and so what if they do??? If such activities are peaceful and involve freely consenting adults, why should they be of anyone else's concern? Using relentless logic, McWilliams shows that laws against such behaviors are as fair, just, and rational as laws against certain religious and political beliefs. McWilliams also demolishes the "it's for your own good" rationale behind many laws intended to control private behavior. If taking drugs is dangerous to one's health and must be prohibited, what about other behaviors---such as eating fatty foods, not getting enough exercise, and spending too much time in the sun---known to cause dangerous health conditions (in these examples, heart disease and cancer)? McWilliams clearly shows that the majority of laws attempting to regulate personal behavior are simply attempts by busybodies to forcibly impose their personal values and preferences on complete strangers. This is a ringing defense of individual rights and responsibilities!