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Guns: Who Should Have Them?

475 pages, hardcover


GUNS: Who Should Have Them?

edited by David Kopel

Going beyond the emotional appeals and stilted rhetoric on gun control, the experts contributing to this volume develop powerful new perspectives on key issues in the gun control debate. In "Arms and the Woman," an argument is made from the feminist perspective that guns are the great equalizer for women's self-protection. "Background Checks and Waiting Periods" argues such measures have no impact whatsoever on reducing crime and are irrelevant to the real issues surrounding guns and crime. Two black law professors, in "The Second Amendment: Toward an Afro-Americanist Reconsideration," show how a major impact of gun control efforts has been to disarm law-abiding minorities. And "Assault Weapons" discusses how so-called assault weapons look menacing but are actually no more powerful---and, in many cases, are less powerful---than other commonly available weapons such as shotguns. The conclusions of this carefully detailed and superbly argued study are difficult to deny: "gun control" is a red herring that has been deflecting attention from the true causes of crime, namely the breakdown of the family, failed social welfare programs, and increasing hopelessness among male youths, especially in inner cities.